Through Harley Davidson’s York

          York, a half namesake of the famous city and state of the USA, New York, is a quiet town in Pennsylvania, nicknamed the White Rose city. However, we didn’t come here searching these flowers, but for a few other known places with a interesting histories.

Harley Davidson

          This company, which appeared in 1903, soon became one of the most successful motorcycle companies. Although I don’t like speed, I love the imposing look of these motorcycles, so the satisfaction of trying the ones on display in the factory lobby was great. Eh, what a sight: dozens of motorcycles, arranged in a few columns, as though participate in a colors and shapes competition. The only common points were their brilliance and dutifulness as a cat when it is stroked.

          The little visitor, my son, interrupted the moment of pleasure because he got scared and stubbornly refused to ride a mini motorcycle, specially designed for the chilren. Today, he finds the reaction strange and says he would like to go there, but the chance was lost.

          The complete motorcycle tour includes a visit to the production sections for a fee. In fact, they have several types of trips, see the link: Otherwise, spend as much time as your heart desires in the motorcycle salon and other exhibits, in the company’s store, where you will find the most unusual themed objects. By the way, here we had fun in American style, measuring various things, without being intimidated by the eyes of the hosts. I miss the political and customer-friendly attitude of those over the ocean.

          Address: 1425 Eden Rd. York, PA 17402

          Schedule: Mon-Fri from 9 AM to 2PM, tour at exact hours: 9 AM, 10 AM, 12:30 PM                              and 2PM. It’s closed for now

          Fees: free outside and in the exhibition hall; with payment-trips inside, free parking


Next on the list was Bluett Bros Violins, a string musical instrument store that also offers tours of the violin workshop. Unfortunately, the guide was out and we were left with only desire. For information, know that the city is also looked up for such attractions.

          Address: 122 Hill St York, PA 17403

          Program: 9 AM-5 PM,

          Fees: $ 5, appointments at ph: 717-854-9064; 717-825-4263

Sunrise Soap Company

          The place, which made the children happy, was the mini-factory and the natural soap shop. The location impresses with its decoration right from the window, and when you enter the well-being it is completed by smells and receptive hosts. When they found out that we came to create own soap, one of the ladies started preparing the ingredients and appliances. What followed kept us in great concentration and we were excited for minutes: we chose the colors, we mixed the contents, we did many other things until we saw the final shape of the soap. While the soap dries, we studied the objects on the shelves with the traditional attention for only a laboratory. It couldn’t be otherwise, there were too many, too creative, too tempting and I didn’t want to skip any inspired ideas.

          With the soap created by our own hands and other purchased products, we left the place and continued with confidence to other destinations.

          Address: 29 N Beaver St York, PA 17401

          Program: 9AM – 5PM, ph: 717-843-7627,

          Taxes: check on the site, parking on a street with charge

Perrydell Farm

          Pennsylvania, I noticed, has many farms and most of them are open to visitors, not only to sell their items, but also to watch some processes. At exactly hours you can milk cows, feed calves or bottle milk.

          Once we got here, we admired the newborns; we fed the older ones and discreetly greeted the adult animals. There was enough space for the children to move, so they became tired soon. Some ice cream returned the energy to the throne.

          I can’t say that this farm is different from the others because I haven’t visited a lot, except to buy dairy products. But, if somebody ask me about this kind of households, the first one I think of is this one.

          Address: 90 Indian Rock Dam Rd, York, PA

          Schedule: 7AM – 6PM, check the program to catch more interesting processes            

          Taxes: free and parking, too

Haines Shoe House

          A shoe-shaped house, which is included in international ranks in the architecture department, cannot be bypassed. So here we are, taking pictures and wondering how far the human mind goes.

          This white building, which construction began after World War II, is a candy store and is located a roadside. In fact, in the US, such attractions are a norm, so every time you plan a trip, look for „roadside” destinations.

          Address: 97 Shoe House Rd. York, PA 17406

          Schedule: 11 AM-5 PM. For indoor tour call at ph: 717-683-6328. In the cold period,                    November-March, it is closed.

          Tax: $ 5, free parking

          During the winter holidays there is another place just 10 minutes away driving, which easily introduces you to the kingdom of lights: Christmas magic. This festival takes place in a Rocky Ridge park and, naturally, only in the afternoon.

photo from net

          Address: 3699 Deininger Road, York, PA 17406

          Schedule: 17:00 – 21:00

          Fee: $ 10

          The last stops can be combined with the day when you visit Columbia, a city near York with other tourist attractions, child-friendly. It is on a way.

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